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About The Leader's Call…

"Grace, an accomplished leader helps you take authority by identifying and following what you know to be right, questioning and challenging your assumptions, and trusting, loving and respecting yourself. She helps you know that a true leader does not say 'I did it!', but whose followers believe 'we did it ourselves!'."
Dr Gillie Bolton, author 5th Edn Reflective Practice Writing and Professional Development

About The Career Itch…

"Your book opened my eyes to another way for me to make my career change, gently, and on terms that work best for me at this point in my life."
Gary James, a reader who had The Career Itch!
"This lively, upbeat book is capable of lifting the spirits of even the most disheartened career changer."
John Lees, author of several best-selling books about careers and work
"I love your book! Such clarity, detail, depth and great case studies. I have just written an ILM Level 5 coaching programme and I am going to add your book onto the reading list."
Jackee Holder, coach, trainer and author of Soul Purpose
I believe that words and images can change hearts, minds and behaviour. I loved reading from a young age; as the daughter of a librarian and teacher, perhaps that is not surprising. Blogs, articles, books and other such visual resources are powerful because the author takes readers to new places, moves them emotionally, provokes them to think differently, shifts their perspective and challenges them to take action.

Writing is a medium through which I express my inner voice and observations, I am privileged to mentor, support and promote other writers. I believe that what you write about is more important than how much you write. What books are in you that are waiting to come out? Maya Angelou said 'There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.'


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I write about leadership, careers, spirituality, family life, unsung inspirational people and writing!

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I self-published The Leader's Call – 4 Insights for Leading Yourself at the Next Level (2016).

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career itch

I self-published The Career Itch – 4 Steps for Taking Control of What You Do Next (2009).

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